New course begins 16th January

Art of the Early Renaissance

Schedule of Sessions:

  1.  International Gothic
  2. Cimabue and Giotto
  3. Florence under the Medici
  4. Donatello and Brunelleschi
  5. The Courts of Urbino and Mantua
  6. Fra Angelico and Masaccio
  7. Venice and Her Artists
  8. The Sienese School
  9. The Northern Renaissance
  10. Michelangelo and Leonardo

10 Sessions in total at £52.  Venue: The Social Room at Guppy’s Enterprise Club


New Course Begins Thursday 26 September

More Classics!

Schedule of Sessions:

  1. Herodotus:  The Histories
  2. Thucydides:  The Peloponnesian War
  3. Sophocles:  The Theban Plays
  4. Plato:  The Republic and other Dialogues
  5. Pausanias:  Description of Greece
  6. Livy:  History of Rome
  7. Pliny:  Natural History
  8. Cicero:  Selected Works and Speeches
  9. Petronius:  The Satyricon
  10. Apuleius:  The Golden Ass

Venue:  The Social Room, Guppy’s Enterprise Club

Price:  £52

New Course begins 16th May

The Classics:

An Introduction to the Literature of Greece and Rome

Schedule of Sessions:

Week 1. Homer: The Iliad

Week 2. Homer: The Odyssey

Week 3. Hesiod: Theogony and Works and Days

Week 4. Apollonius: Argonautica

Week 5. Aeschylus: The Oresteia

Week 6. Euripides and Aristophanes

Week 7. Virgil: The Aeneid

Week 8. Catullus and Lucretius

Week 9. Horace and Ovid

Week 10. Juvenal and Martial

Sessions will be held 2.00 – 4.00 on Thursdays in the Social Room at Guppy’s Enterprise Club.  Course Price: £52


New Course Begins 10th January 2019

An Age of Improvement:

Industry and Society 1750 – 1900

Schedule of Sessions:

Week 1: Early Industry

Week 2: Wedgwood and the Pottery Business

Week 3: The Railway Revolution

Week 4: Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Week 5: Politics and Poverty

Week 6: The Arts and Crafts Movement

Week 7: The Great Gun-Maker: Lord Armstrong

Week 8: American Pioneers

Week 9: Joseph Paxton and the Great Exhibition

Week 10: Mid-Victorianism

10 Sessions. Thursdays 2.00 – 4.00, The Social Room, Guppy’s Enterprise Club

Price: £52


New Course Begins 20th September

In Search of England: The Making of the English Landscape


Session 1 After the Ice

Session 2 Bronze Age Britain

Session 3 Roman and Iron Age Britain

Session 4 Anglo-Saxon Settlement

Session 5 1066 and All That

Session 6 Tudor to Georgian

Session 7 Country Houses

Session 8 The Enclosures

Session 9 Industrial Landscapes

Session 10 New Towns

Thursday afternoons 2.00 – 4.00; The Social Room, Guppy’s Enterprise Club

Price:  £52

New Course Begins on Thursday 24th May

Great Cities of the World

Explore the History, Art and Culture of 10 the World’s Greatest Cities

Schedule of Sessions:

24 May: Istanbul

7 June: Vienna

14 June: Paris

21 June: Athens

28 June: Beijing

5 July: Moscow

12 July: New York

19 July: Delhi

26 July: Prague

2 August: Rome

Location:  Guppy’s Enterprise Club, Nunnery Lane.  The Social Room

Cost:  £50

New course begins Thursday 21st September 2017

The Birth of Europe  

Explore Europe’s Stone Age and Bronze Age Cultures

Session Titles:

Week 1:  The First Europeans

Week 2:  Western Prehistory to the rise of the Beaker Folk

Week 3:  The Ancient Aegean

Week 4:  The Urnfield Culture

Week 5:  From the Terramare Culture to Etruscan Italy

Week 6:  Bronze Age Britain

Week 7:  Prehistoric Iberia and the Atlantic Bronze Age

Week 8:  The Nordic Bronze Age

Week 9:  The Greek Bronze Age

Week 10: The Coming of the Iron Age

There will be a half-term break, the date of which will be announced at the beginning of the course.

Further details:

A 10 week course beginning Thursday 21st September,  2.00 – 4.00

Location: The Social Room, Guppy’s Enterprise Club; Price: £50

Students may find the following texts useful:

Chris Scarre (ed.), The Human Past: World Prehistory and the Development of Human Societies, (London, 2005)

Timothy Darvill, Prehistoric Britain, (London, 1987)

Barry Cunliffe, Europe Between the Oceans 9000 BC – AD 1000

New Course Begins Thursday 27 April

The Prime Ministers

Thursday afternoons 2.00 – 4.00; Venue – The Social Room, Guppy’s Enterprise Club; Price £50

Schedule of Sessions:

27 April – Walpole and the Whig Supremacy

4 May – Lord North and the loss of the American Colonies

11 May – Pitt the Younger and the War with France

18 May – The Liverpool Administration

25 May – Earl Grey and the Reform Bill

8 June – Early Victorian Prime Ministers

15 June – The Era of Palmerston

22 June – Gladstone and Disraeli

29 June – Lord Salisbury and the Age of Empire

6 July – Liberal Britain

New course begins Thursday 12th January

The Jazz Age:

Arts and Culture in the 20s and 30s



12th January  –  Art Deco

19th January  –  Haute Couture

26th January  –  Avant Garde

2nd February  –  The Spirit of Brooklands

9th February  –  The Jazz Age

16th February  –  New Architecture

2nd March  –  The Aviators

9th March  –  Dada and Surrealism

16th March  –  The ‘IT’ Girls

23rd March  –  20th Century Realism

Sessions are held on Thursdays 2.00 – 4.00.  There will be 10 sessions in total.  Venue is the Social Room at Guppy’s Enterprise Club, Nunnery Lane.  Cost: £50 (plus £4 club membership for 2017/18.  Neal will explain about this at the start of the course).